The Treasures of Pink Floyd - new book

Just published in hardback by Carlton, Treasures of Pink Floyd tells the band's history with words, pictures and removable facsimile memorabilia. The book recounts every decade of the band's existence and every album they recorded. It contains profiles of all five members and discusses the significant influence they had on music and culture across the world. As the publishers put it, the book "captures the amazing, surreal and fascinating world of Pink Floyd". The rise in popularity of books such as this - including reproduction materials to enhance the story within - has been most notable in the world of film, with Star Wars and Alien being given similar treatment, so it is good to see music getting more attention in this realm.
One of three new Treasures books that Carlton have just published (the other two look at AC/DC and Bob Dylan), it is authored by Glenn Povey. Glenn, as many of you will be aware, was the creator of Brain Damage magazine, the forerunner to this website. He's also author of essential books such as In The Flesh and Echoes, so we're eager to see how The Treasures of Pink Floyd measures up to these.
Specially produced reproductions included within the covers range from a 'Psychodilia' poster from the Hornsea College of Art, London concert, handbills for various early concerts, tickets includng a signed ticket from the Chesterfield concert, concert posters, a backstage pass, and even a promotional beermat!

Written by Matt

From brain-damage.co.uk

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