Pink Floyd's Roger Waters - Statement of support to BC SJP

February 4, 2013

CONTACT: Sundus Seif - brooklyncollegesjp@gmail.com

SJP Brooklyn College Welcomes Support of Musician & Human Rights Activist Roger Waters

The Brooklyn College chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine is pleased to welcome the support of internationally renowned musician and human rights advocate Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, in the face of attacks from politicians and others who wish to silence critics of Israel and supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement at our school. Today, Mr. Waters released the following statement:


My young friends, I am proud of you. You are the fresh air "we the people" need to breathe. You are the true America. You represent all that the founding fathers intended and hoped for. You are standing up for truth and liberty. You believe that all men should be equal. You believe in civil liberty. You believe in the first amendment. You believe in, and try to live by the Constitution. You believe in The Law. You believe that the pursuit of liberty and happiness is the right of all men, women and children, regardless of their race, religion or nationality. Your empathies extend beyond the narrow confines of national or corporate interests. You man the barricades of intellectual and political freedom.

That you have come under attack from powerful political and media forces for trying to shed light on the predicament of the good peoples of Palestine and Israel is wrong. I stand with you. Sadly, none of us knows what lies behind the closed doors of government, even though we should for we have a right to know, to speak, discuss, still not your voice, be not afraid. More power to you. As long as young people like you stand up in face of all the bigotry and fear, in face of all the secrecy and doubt, stand up, unafraid, and shed your light, and seek the truth, then, "We The People," bowed, maybe? But still unbroken, we, will have at last, the right to hope!

With great respect.


For more information, visit SJP Brooklyn College's website at www.brooklynsjp.com

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