Roger Waters' Ca Ira returns to Brazil

The Theatro Municipal de São Paulo will be host to the latest performances of the opera by Roger Waters, Ca Ira. First performed live to much acclaim in Rome, Italy, in November 2005, it has subsequently had further live performances in countries as diverse as Poland, The Netherlands, and Brazil, who last hosted it in 2008 (a report, with various photographs and video clips, can be seen here). Lika Geribello, the executive producer of those performances, is also producing the new ones alongside Cristiane Rossetto. The shows will take place at the world-renowned venue on May 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th, 2013.
With musical direction and conducting by Rick Wentworth (who also co-produced the album with Roger), will be vocal performances from Lina Mendes, Gabriella Pace, Keila Moraes, Marcos Paulo, Giovanni Tristacci, David Marcondes, Leonardo Neiva, Eduardo Amir and Leonardo Pace. There will also be a children's chorus, and the Coral Lirico do Theatro providing the main chorus line.
More information should be appearing shortly on the venue's official website  which will also have a link/further information regarding tickets for these four shows.

Written by Matt  
Sunday, 10 February 2013
From www.brain-damage.co.uk

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